Srisangdaw Rice Mill Company Ltd. is the rice mill, operated by Srisangdow Rice Intertrade (the  distributor), is located on 188 Moo 6 Srakoo sub-district, Suwannaphum district, Roi-Et province, Thailand.


“We aim for the best” is our business philosophy.

We want everyone to be happy. As part of a supportive community, we rely on one another. We believe that everything has its own value and purpose. Our local farmers give us the best “Thai Hom Mali” rice. Our employees are dedicated members in our family and our customers are best friends who inspire us to strive to achieve our ultimate goals.

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Member of The Thai Rice Exporters Association

We are a member of The Thai Rice Exporters Association. Our factory is situated in the center of the best Jasmine rice production and distribution in the area called Tung Kula Rong Hai in the northeastern part of Thailand. We have developed and maintained great relationship and trust with the local farmers who grow Jasmine rice for more than 20 years.

Tung Kula Rong Hai in the northeastern part of Thailand

Our factory is located in the Suvarnaphum district, where the soil and the weather conditions are perfect for growing Thai Hommali rice. Therefore, we can assure you that our Thai Hommali rice (Jasmine rice) is unmixed and unadulterated delivered from the original sources.

Top renowned rice mill of Roi-Et province

We are a well-known and well-accepted rice mill by the local farmers and the government staff. Actually, Srisangdaw Rice Mill is one of the top renowned rice mill in Roi-Et province, surrounded by fantastic environment and with no bad record. We do business with fairness.

In each harvest year, farmers come to us with several tons of rice for trading.

The advantage of doing a direct trade is that we are able to obtain unadulterated Jasmine rice.

Due to the fact that we want only qualified Jasmine rice, we strive, pay cash, go into every detail and involve lots of staff in order to be able to efficiently manage tons of Jasmine rice harvested in the harvest seasons.


We are trusted by many agents in several countries. Moreover, we plan to expand our products to other countries.


Our expertise in screening Jasmine rice allows us to work fast with fairness. Our work ethic and friendliness always bring great success and satisfaction to our business partners.

We strive the best we could to achieve the best quality of fresh, fragrant and delicious Jasmine rice to supply our valued customers.

With all that said, we guarantee that our Thai Hommali rice produced by Srisangdaw Rice Mill Company Ltd . and distributed by Srisangdow Rice Intertrade is truly an unadulterated top quality, full of freshness and tastiness.

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